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Your calendar is paid for entirely by advertising. By obtaining 12 advertisers (one for each month) at £25

each, all the money raised from the calendar is the schools. Most businesses know that advertising is

expensive and often with poor results. What do you do to leaflets that fall out of newspapers, they mostly

go in the bin! When a business advertises in your calendar it costs them LESS THAN 1/2 PENCE PER DAY,

FOR 6000 DAYS. The leaflet may go straight in the bin, but the calendar goes on the wall, and even when

the month is over, their advert is still in the calendar for future reference. Since the calendar contains all

the school holidays etc plus drawings of all the children, we find that the calendar is in constant use.

So an advert in the calendar might have more effect than even the Yellow Pages. What sort of business should

I approach? First of all try parents that have businesses, then local businesses, for example, PEOPLE YOU


CLUBS FOR CHILDREN. Adverts can be seasonal, for example a florist may advertise flowers at Easter, a

butcher may advertise at Xmas, a farm shop selling fresh veg/fruit in the Summer. When planning the advert

remember if you say too much, then the size of the text is smaller and less dramatic. The NAME/ ADDRESS/

TELEPHONE No/ LOGO and short description is all that is required to create a good advert.